In what cases is it recommended?

Decreased or no sex drive


With vaginismus disease


with a low female hormone “Estrogen”

What results will you get?

Increases sexual desire and increases attraction to a sexual partner

Increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones

Promotes maturation and rupture of follicles

treat polycystic ovaries

Prevents vaginal dryness and relieves pain during sexual intercourse

Prevents uterine fibroids, malignant tumors

Heals the body from various emotional loads, stressful situations

Promotes the production of female hormones and prevents premature menopause

Protein- prevents fat, promotes fat metabolism

LBD Woman composition

(2 capsules – 700 mg)

Peruvian Maca root

80 mg

Tongkat Ali (Eureka longleaf)

200 mg


50 mg


100 mg

Zinc oxide

33 mg

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